Equity at the Center

The Center for Health Equity invites people to learn, connect, and create together in order to advance health and racial equity and transform our communities.

The health of our community—from our individual wellness to the strength and resiliency of our city—is deeply connected to a complicated, racist system that works against us all. Building a more equitable future means bringing people together who have had wildly different life experiences, and giving them the space, support, and resources to work together.

Part of the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, the Center is a community-driven asset that supports the Foundation's mission and the many people striving for health and racial equity here in St. Pete.

Events at the Center

This is a space for change. It's designed to pull us together and challenge us individually and as a community. It's designed to hold tough conversations and spark ideas. It's meant to be used as a home for all the bold and messy and curious and collaborative points in our journey to a more equitable future. We offer it to you.

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The Center for Health Equity Team

At the Center

We have seen the transformative power of spaces that allow people to show up authentically, speak their truth, and share their ideas in a supportive environment. We have seen drastically different people connect and create together to disrupt, uplift, and reimagine in service of a more equitable way forward.

Be Present Be Real Support Growth Make Space

Ways of Being

When we ask each other to show up at the Center, we’re asking each other to commit to a more intentional way of being in community with one another. This space and this work ask us all to:

Be Present

Show up with your authentic self and engage with this community.

Be Real

Know that your story and lived experiences have a place at the Center.

Support Growth

Know that we are all growing from different places at different paces. Experience discomfort as an opportunity for growth.

Make Space

Expand your circle and make room for the voices and stories that are heard less often.

Our Team

The Center is led and supported by a diverse team of equity advocates who are all deeply invested in St. Petersburg, both personally and professionally. Together, we work to create a space and experience that fosters cross-community collaboration to advance racial equity and improve the overall health of our city.

Dr. Kanika Tomalin

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Marcus A. Brooks

Executive Director

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Joshua Bean

Innovation Officer

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Harold Bryant Jr.

Community Experience Coordinator

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Barbara Green

Communications Manager

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Dean Hendrix

Operations Manager

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Dr. Susie Paterson

Research and Evaluation Manager

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Kewa Wright

Center Operations Coordinator

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